Nacim Ramdani

Hybrid Systems, Robotics, Biomimetics, Interval Methods

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Nacim Ramdani's home page

Nacim Ramdani is Full Professor of Control Systems Engineering with the Université of Orléans and IUT de Bourges, since september 2010. He is affiliated with the research centre Laboratoire PRISME Univ. Orléans - INSA CVL and the joint Graduate School MIPTIS of the Université of Orléans and the Université François Rabelais of Tours, France.

He is international collaborator of CREST JST project HARPS (2015-2020) with Pr. Imura group, Tokyo Tech, Japan.

His current research interests revolve around developing robust numerical methods for the analysis and control of cyber-physical and autonomous systems in presence of uncertainty, and set membership estimation with applications to healthcare, robotics, smart homes and smart grids. He mainly focuses on interval analysis and related robust set computation techniques.

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Newly published in Automatica

Mode discernibility and bounded-error state estimation for nonlinear hybrid systems, by Nacim Ramdani, Louise Travé-Massuyès, and Carine Jauberthie, accepted for publication in Automatica.

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Tutorial on Interval Methods and Applications at IFAC World Congress 2017, 8-9 July

In parallel with the IFAC'2017 pre-Congress Workshops and Tutorials, 7 additional tutorials are organized by GdR MACS. GdR MACS is the CNRS structure dedicated to scientific coordination of automation and control research activities in France. It organizes on a bi-annual basis tutorials for PhD students, researchers and engineers. This year 2017 these tutorials are integrated to the IFAC'2017 organization. This tutorial will be held in English.

SLIDES: The slides and related materials are available on Luc Jaulin's web page, here

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Newly published in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

Inverse Parametric Optimization in a Set-Membership Error-in-Variables Framework, by Adina M. Panchea and Nacim Ramdani, accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control,  available online since 26 May 2017, has now been allocated to the issue vol. 62, n.12, 2017, pp 6536-6543. Access the published version here: doi:10.1109/TAC.2017.2707534.

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10th workshop on Interval Methods, SWIM-SMART 2017, June 14-16, Manchester, UK.

SWIM-SMART2017, 10th Summer Workshop on Interval Methods, and 3rd International Symposium on Set Membership - Applications, Reliability and Theory, will be held on 14-16 June 2017, at Manchester, UK.

Web site is alive. Please visit this web site for further details and the videos of my talks.

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Three newly accepted at IFAC World Congress 2017 Toulouse, France.

The papers "Djahid Rabehi, Nacim Meslem, Adnen El Amraoui, Nacim Ramdani. Event-Based Prediction-Correction State Estimator. ", "Adina Marlena Panchea, Sylvain Miossec, Olivier Buttelli, Philippe Fraisse, Angèle Van Hamme, Marie-Laure Welter, Nacim Ramdani. Gait analysis using optimality criteria imputed from human data.", and "Masakazu Koike, Takayuki Ishizaki, Nacim Ramdani, Jun-ichi Imura. Day-ahead Scheduling of Multiple Thermal Power Plants with Output Constraints Based on PV Interval Prediction." have been accepted at the 20th IFAC World Congress to be held in Toulouse,France, 9-14 July 2017.

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