SWIM’11 Small Workshop on Interval Methods

 June 14-15, 2011

PRISME, Bourges, France.

The 4th edition of the Small Workshop on Interval Methods will be held at PRISME Lab (Univ. Orléans), site de Bourges :
IUT de Bourges, 63 av. de Lattre de Tassigny, 18020 Bourges, France.

Last Updates:

Final Workshop Program:

This workshop program is final. Click on titles below to read the abstract and on SLIDES to access the presentations slides.

Tuesday June 14th, 2011




L. Jaulin

Range-only SLAM with occupancy maps; a set-membership approach.




Distributed Localization Using Interval Contractors



F. Mourad, H. Snoussi, C. Richard

Self-localization and target tracking in mobile sensor networks



R. Guyonneau, S. Lagrange, L. Hardouin, P. Lucidarme.

Interval Analysis for Kidnapping Problem using Range Sensors.


Lunch Break & Lab Visit


E. Auer, A. Rauh.

Applications of Verified Methods for Solving Nonsmooth Initial Value Problems



A. Eggers, N. Ramdani, N. S. Nedialkov, M. Fränzle.

Recent Progress on the Integration of ODE Enclosure Methods with the iSAT Solver



A. Goldsztejn, D. Ishii

A parallelotope method for the simulation of nonlinear hybrid systems



M. Hlad’ik

Bounds on eigenvalues of complex interval matrices


Coffee Break


S. Kiel

YalAA - Yet Another Library for Affine Arithmetic



G. Trombettoni, I. Araya, B. Neveu, G. Chabert.

Inner Regions and Interval Linearizations for Global Optimization



E. Just.

SONIC - a Solver and Optimizer for Nonlinear Problems based on Interval Computation



D. Ishii, C. Jermann, A. Goldsztejn

Computation of generalized aspect of parallel manipulators



S.-A. Raka, C. Combastel.

Set-membership methods and tools for the pre-sizing of mechatronic systems: focus on parametric uncertaintie and bounded inputs under linear dynamics.


Wednesday June 15th, 2011




J. Sliwka

Set valued polynomials and their application to robust localization of an underwater robot



F. Le Bars.

SLAM with fleeting detections



C. Joly, P. Rives.

Comparison between probabilistic and deterministic methods to solve the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping problem in the case of bearing-only measurements


Coffe Break


M. Joldes, A. Benoit,
M. Mezzarobba.

Rigorous uniform approximation of D-finite functions



O. Mullier, E. Goubault, M. Kieffer, S. Putot.

Under-approximation of the Range of Vector-Valued Functions Extended


Lunch Break & Lab Visit


N. Verdière, C. Jauberthie, L. Travé-Massuyès.

Set-membership identifiability and estimation of parameters for uncertain nonlinear systems by using input-output equations



D. Boutat, A. Benali, N. Ramdani

A nonlinear uncertain normal form for interval observers



Y. Becis-Aubry, D. Aubry, N. Ramdani

Multisensor set-membership state estimation of nonlinear models with potentially failing measurements


Coffee Break


C. Aubry, R. Desmare, L. Jaulin.

Loop detection in a mobile robot trajectory using interval analysis



G. Chabert

Multi-Agent Low Range Sensing and the Among Constraint



F. Khemane, R. Malti

Fractional model parameter estimation in the frequency domain using set membership methods


End of the Workshop

Description :

The goal of the SWIM 2011 workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on interval methods and their applications, in the broader sense, providing a forum to review and discuss the state-of-the-art in this area and fostering cross-fertilization between different approaches.

The SWIM 2011 workshop is intended to build on the success of previous editions, held in Montpellier in 2008, Lausanne in 2009 and Nantes in 2010, which was initiated by the french MEA working group on Set Computation and Interval Techniques of the French research group on Automatic Control GDR MACS. The MEA group aims at promoting interval analysis, constraint propagation and other set methods to apply them in estimation, robotics, control, planning, design, verification, computer aided proof, and other engineering, computer science and applied mathematics areas.

During 2008, 2009 and 2010 editions of SWIM, twenty five talks were given by speakers coming from several countries among which Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland. The participants could discuss their most recent ideas and developments and thought together about the most promising new directions.

Call for talks :

If you want to present a talk addressing theory of interval related methods, or their application in any area, please send an one page abstract (with title, authors and affiliation) to nacim.ramdani@univ-orleans.fr, no later than May 15th, 2011.

If you simply plan to attend the workshop, please send an email to the organizers.

Workshop Highlights :

Free registration 

Seminar Format : The forum will consist of presentations interleaved with a significant amount of additional time for discussions between the presentations. 

Proceedings : The book of abstract and slides files will be published online at http://lune.bourges.univ-orleans.fr/ramdani/swim2011.

Dates :

Abstract submission deadline : May 15th, 2011.

Venue :

IUT de Bourges, 63 av. de Lattre de Tassigny, 18000 Bourges, June 14th and 15th, 2011.

Room 501 (salle 501), département Mesures Physiques de l’IUT de Bourges

Accommodation & local travel :

The workshop venue is easily accessible from Bourges downtown using city buses (ligne 5 – arrêt Turly) or (ligne 5 – arrêt Franz Lehar).

Access ligne 5 buses timetables : LINE MAP, TO workshop site, FROM workshop site.

Thus participants may book any hotel in the city center. A list of hotels can be found on the city Office de Tourisme.

Sponsors :

The organizers are grateful to the Département Mesures Physiques IUT of Bourges (Université d’Orléans), the "Laboratoire PRISME" for supporting this 4th edition of SWIM workshop.

Organizers :

Pr. Nacim Ramdani (nacim.ramdani@univ-orleans.fr) and Pr. Luc Jaulin (luc.jaulin@ensieta.fr)

Post-workshop proceedings, A Reliable Computing special issue :

For the first time this year, we are planning to publish post-workshop proceedings. Authors will be invited to submit a full paper for possible publication in a dedicated issue of the Reliable Computing Journal.

Papers should be submitted through the EasyChair system. Please review the "information and instructions for authors."

The submitted papers will be refereed by two referees (who may or may not be members of the editorial board), with the editorial board member in charge of the paper making the final decision. It is important that papers be submitted using the format and template explained in the instructions for authors, since the Journal presently do not have a budget for editorial staff. Since the Journal is open access (and also free for the authors), the authors retain the copyright for articles that have been accepted and posted electronically since 2007.

Those who wish to submit a paper, please

a) Preface the title entered into the EasyChair system with "SWIM 2011" to facilitate handling.

b) Submit your paper no later than September 15th, 2011, via the EasyChair system, and send a copy to Nacim.Ramdani@univ-orleans.fr.

Only a small number of talks made at the workshop were copyright free, hence could have been indeed submitted to the Reliable Computing journal. Hence the special issue project is cancelled, but prospective authors were invited to submit a regular paper to the Reliable Computing Journal.